Bring your Mind Body and Spirit back into balance with KINESIOLOGY.

Hi, my name is Amanda.  I moved into the Nimbin area with my family about a year ago.  I have studied and practiced Kinesiology over the past four years, in particular Touch for Health and Cranial Kinesiology.  I  run introductory classes and encourage you to come learn some new techniques that can benefit the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family and friends.

I have come across many people who aren’t quite sure what I do, so the following explanation on Kinesiology is aimed at increasing public awareness of the tremendous benefits of receiving a Kinesiology balance.

Kinesiology applies a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health and over all general wellbeing.  It is based on muscle testing which provides feedback from the body, revealing valuable information.  Often called Muscle Monitoring, it is the body’s ability to indicate the presence of stress on any level by way of a muscle response that is the defining feature of this approach.  Kinesiology works with the body, mind, emotions and spirit as one unified system as it seeks to uncover and then balance the causes behind our problems and symptoms in a gentle and non-invasive way.  In this way we re-establish the body’s natural balance as it focuses on the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

A Kinesiology treatment is known as ‘a Balance’ during which the client remains fully clothed.  As a discipline it empowers people and allows them to work through stresses that are undermining their development.  This is because Kinesiology allows us to access our own inner knowledge.

During a session, a practitioner places steady gentle pressure on a limb held still by the muscle of the client. A change in the muscle’s ability to maintain a steady resistance (unlocking) indicates the presence of a possible stress within the client. Muscle Monitoring can indicate what is required by the body to restore balance and harmony. This stress may manifest in the person as some form of disease, an accident, poor nutritional or postural habits, an unresolved argument etc.  Stresses can also carry over from any time in the client’s life.

Kinesiology can help you resolve long term problems, release any blocks by getting to the real issue.

A  Kinesiology balance acts very quickly and often requires relatively few consultations to receive lasting benefit.  It stimulates the body to activate its own self-healing power to balance a wide range of conditions such as Structural, General Health, Learning, Addictions, Cellular, Emotional, Energy, Spirit.

Each session is unique because it is determined by the responses gained from muscle monitoring and  because it honors the person’s own healing potential and the sequence it follows to bring about the remarkable process that is healing.  Often it can seem too simple to have such an effective resolution.  But as the Chinese sages taught so long ago: “A miracle is simply that which is divinely natural”.

Amanda Joy

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Oil Painting Spirit body Byron Tik

Oil Painting of the spirit body by Byron Tik


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